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Vintage Photographers and Models

As hard as it is I try to built a collection with vintage photographers and models related to fasion and fetish photography.
It is a time consuming task to built a site like this, not only collecting the artwork but connecting it to the proper artist as well. Read more about this site, learn more about me or browse the menu.

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Some Examples

About this site

Years ago I had been fallen in love with rare vintage fetish photos. I noticed many sites share some bits and bites, but little make the effort to collect and present complete collections. It takes time to built up these collections, as surprising as this might be...there are some albums that took me over four years to get more then four photos from a same shoot together. At the Fetish Gallery I try to connect photos to the original photographer, and as hard as it is I even try to find out which models were used and built some seperate pages for them as well.

Then there is a different department at this site, the Spanking Gallery. A gallery dedicated to erotic photographs on this theme. The collections presented in this gallery have been built up with great care as well, I can imagine browing this site you forget to think about the amount of work that has been made to provide you with not only a lot of vintage and spanking photos (and art) but I can assure you....it took me years to built up the site in its current form.
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