Vintage Fetish Gallery

Did you think Fetish is something from the last decades? There have been 50 shades of Grey desires for as long as you can imagine, and the best part....some documented their fetish desires in art and photos. This site is my very special project, I once stumbled upon some very old fetish photos and I had fallen in love instantly. Over the last years I spent a lot of time collecting vintage fetish images to be able to share them. First I started building vintage spanking photo collections, one of the oldest dates back from 1890, soon I was able to add some other vintage fetish photos.
When I talk about vintage fetish I am not talking about the Irving Klaw period, I started my search many years before. I got inspired, likeKlaw and John Willie were, by the old masters of fetish photography.
Please use the menu below to browse the different pages and subjects at this site. To view all photos and art you are invited to support this site. Doing so allows me to continue working on this very special project, making sure the site can stay online and I can add new photos to make the site grow.

Enjoy a unique collection F/f and M/f spanking art from various artists, dating back till 1800.Discover a large collection FemDom spanking artworks and some very rare vintage FemDom images/ These are very hard to find but I was able to put together a small, but very rare, collection photos showing males getting dominated by vintage Dominatrixes.
Discover a large collection F/f and M/f spanking photos. Some are focused on domestic discipline, others show spanking as erotic aspect between beautiful woman, or between lovers. Then there are various subjects I was able to built seperate pages for, like being spanked with a Cane or using Hairbrush or paddle, Schoolgirls spanked, spanked at the office, over the knee spanking and the oldest spanking attribute used: a Birch.
Then there are those moments that matter in a discpline, like cornertime of getting into a solid position to be spanked, those are presented in the gallery Positions.

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