Vintage Spanking Art

Spanking art can be considered a genre of its own as it has a great worldwide fan community. This site focus only on vintage spanking photos, and this particular page on vintage spanking art.

In the first half of the 20th century, authors published printed spanking fetish stories (spanking novels) that featured spanking illustrations which were drawn by artists such as Louis Malteste. Historic spanking art is spanking art that is older than 100 years. The earliest known works of visual spanking art and mention of spanking in literature date back to the ancient high civilisations in Egypt, Greece, Rome, Israel, Persia and India. There is a wall painting from the Etruscan Tomba della Fustigazione (Italy) from the 6th century BC, which was named after this fustigation scene. During those days spanking art was part of registrations of real life events.
Medieval spanking art, too, is usually a factual documentation of corporal punishment of the time, showing e.g. the public flogging or birching of criminals, or chastisement in monasteries and schools. While in the middle ages the art of sculpture, compared to antiquity, was on a much lower level, book illumination in monasteries was at a high level and first reproduction techniques for illustrations came up, such as the woodcut. It seems Renaissance artists loved to depict particularly one spanking scene from greek-roman mythology: Cupid (also known as Eros or Amor), getting punished by his mother Venus, the goddess of beauty.

In the 19th century, artists began creating spanking art cartoons that show an increasingly point-of-view approach, such as criticising the overuse of corporal punishment in parenting, or using the symbolism of spanking in political satire or humour. There are also a few artworks in painterly style that depict spanking scenes, such as the school scene in the painting to the right from 1852. The 19th century marks also the beginning of erotic spanking literature, notably in England and France, and the illustrations that came with this genre.

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Illustrated Books Bdsm Art
6 books illustrated between 1857 and 1960
A total of 179 medium and large images
9 albums with 88 large bdsm illustrations.
This is a rare collection from anonymous artists who illustrated between 1890 and 1950.
Illustrations from Carlo Spanking Illustrations
Illustrations from  the many books illustrated by Carlo with illustrations from:
Bagne de Femmes, Carprices Sexuels, A Toute Volee, la Guinette au Sortie, Brulant Plesirs, Dolores Amazones
18 albums with 197 arge spanking illustrations.
This is a rare collection from anonymous artists who illustrated between 1890 and 1960.