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1960s S&M Fetish Stag Film, Dominatrix spanks schoolgirl, hard (part 1)
Here is one of the best '60s underground fetish shorts (most are terrible). This stands out due to the fierce Latina dominatrix who resembles Tura Satana ("Faster, Pussycat, Kill Kill!") both in look and over-the-top intensity. She goes berserk after her mousey schoolgirl slave brings home a note from her teacher. Note the bizarre "bondage board". A unique bit of carpentry. The domme wails away on the girl like a maniac. She only has one speed: flat out.
Part two of this unusually harsh '60s film loop. The crazed dominatrix really goes to town on her bound submissive. Looks like a nettles branch and some sort of plastic flogger at the end. The sub-girl breaks character and smiles a couple of times which sort of shatters the illusion. 

Film Credit: this public domain film is available on "Bizarro Sex Loops 21".

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